Cotton Ball Popcorn Picture

This activity has a Fine Motor and Sensory Focus.
Kids learn about putting parts together to create a picture, turning cotton balls over in their hands, dipping cotton balls into paint, cutting and pasting.
SUPPLIES: Glue, colored paper (blue, green), scissors, paint with something like a plastic lid to place it on, and cotton balls.
DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut out popcorn cup and glue it on to your blue paper.
2. Cut cotton balls in half if they are too big.
3. Dip cotton balls into yellow paint and glue on to blue paper.
OPTIONS: For improving visual spacial skills, have clients draw a border line around the label. You may also pop some popcorn in the room for increased sensory input and fun. If you are wanting to incorporate body moves as well, try doing some obstacle course moves that can allow kids to feel like they are popcorn. Such as squatting down and then jumping up and raising hands high overhead. Each time they do it, you may have them glue another popcorn piece on to their picture. If you are time crunched, you may want to just print off our Circus Obstacle Course signs and pretend to be at the circus.
One last option, can be to tear the cotton apart and make it look like cotton candy instead, glue it on your base paper and spray a light mist of paint for color. That will grab the interest of the unicorn crowd!
ST: Popcorn speech can also be added. Just print the pdf!
Share therapy tools that you have made to make therapy better with the team!
Download the PDF for Cotton Ball Popcorn Picture

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