Coloring: Turkey’s and Fall Leaves

  • Turkey apples with toothpicks of gumdrops
  • Various exercise stations
  • Paper turkey

Go sensory rich by placing fuzz balls, glitter, sand, and tin foil balls on to the turkey feather tips. This can keep things exciting and skill-building at the same time.
Maybe you want to make a picture border with the colored leaves and put the turkey inside the frame. [Try using cardboard( it can be from a cereal box) for the frame base]
Yahoo! Fun for everyone.
BTW We put in a few pictures that you might want to do, such as place the leaves around your trampoline for a fall obstacle course.
Share your creations with your BrilliantTherapy team!
Together we are making therapy better!

Download the PDF for Coloring: Turkey’s and Fall Leaves

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