Colored Bug

If you do not have time to color some bugs to put on your obstacle course, we have you covered. These can also be used as examples for coloring.
OPTIONS: Using games or challenges with bugs are usually a hit with kids. Bugs move and are creepy, what could be more thrilling.
ST: Have kids make as many sentences as they can staring with, “You bug me when…..” For each sentence completed they get to use another color to color their bug with.
OT & PT: These are a great addition to obstacle courses or wall decorations. You can also place a bunch of bugs on the floor in place of the dots used in the game “Twister” and roll a dice to see where they should place each body part. (establish what each number is, for example, 1= right hand, 2=left hand, 3= right foot,…)
Download the PDF for Colored Bug

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