Classroom Sensory Stations

Classroom sensory stations are a critical part of classrooms especially those who have kids with special needs. The bouncy or sleepy style kids need a station that fits them, so here is a tool to help you organize what is needed for each sensory kid’s needs.
Divide your items into 3 stations. The Red Station will have items that typically have more of a calming effect. The Yellow Station will have more moderate sensory tools, and the Blue Station will be filled with tools that focus the energy and require less movement.
A child who is very upset, can gradually work their way down from the Hot Zone (Red/Orange Station) to the Cool Zone. You can put items in a color coordinated box or on a color coordinated carpet to let child help child understand what zone they are in.
Let us know if you need more of these sensory style tools, because we have several more from this category that we have yet to put in. We are refining the Reset Station which has been very effective and is coming soon to your Brilliant Therapy site.
Thanks for being part of an amazing team of caring professionals and caretakers!
Note: We have included some pictures that can help move your creative solutions brain into high gear. Light tables are easily made and other tools that you choose to put in your stations can be purchased with minimal cost. Your Red Station can have as many deep pressure/joint pressure activities as you need. By the way, kids love being wrapped in a towel and then place something heavy on them or roll it over them. If you are looking for something calming or centering, this can work.


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