Circles & Spatial Awareness

Without spacial awareness and visual focus/tracking it is difficult to write legibly, so here is an activity that can help develop these skills.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Locate the middle of the paper and draw 1 circle and then 2 more that are a bit smaller than the first nearby.
2. Draw rings around the first circle and if they run into the smaller circles, do not draw over them but restart the line on the other side continuing the large rings until the paper is filled with them.

OPTION: Fold the paper into quadrants, reopen it, and then treat each quadrant as if it was its’ own piece of paper. Repeat the directions above.
Included is a sample if you need one.
We would love to have you share what you do for improving spacial awareness with your team! Share, get credit, and then together we can make therapy better!
Download the PDF for Circles & Spatial Awareness

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