Circle Flower

This is a wonderful way to assess basic visual motor skills and make it meaningful.
Some of the skills addressed are: Asymmetrical bilateral upper extremity movements, visual-motor, direction following, visual discrimination (determine which circle is bigger), cut, paste and placement of items. Another unique element with this is that kids have to figure out how to make a diagonal cut, if they cannot make one, they may also struggle writing letters with diagonal lines like ‘k’ and ‘y’.
DIRECTIONS: 1. Have kids cut or color the 2 circles.
2. Paste the larger circle down first.
3. Snip out triangle pieces from the smaller circle.
4. Glue the center of the smaller circle on top of the larger circle.
OPTIONS: Add sensory components such as yarn or glitter and then glue it on to adapted 3 lined paper (available on this site) and then have kids write about their flower.
NOTE: Using bright colors will increase excitement with this task.

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Download the PDF for Circle Flower

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