Card Games

Cards are easy to use and take very little storage space. Therapists like them because there are so many different tasks they can do to work on skills such as memory and fine motor manipulation and thought organization.
Here is a printable that has some options you may not have thought of.
OPTION: Take 2 decks of cards and tape 1 deck to the wall and have clients match the other deck of cards to them (you may want to use stick velcro). This can address visual scanning, balance, and visual-motor skills, and if you time it or count how many they do it can help with objective data collection.
A wonderful speech option might be to make a story around the cards that are picked up from a facedown deck. For example, you may pick up a face card (queen) who had (pick up another card and use the number-4) 4 dresses in her closet at (pick up another card-8) 8 o’clock in the morning…..
Download the PDF for Card Games

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