Body Trace Shadow w/Polka Dotss

+Black Butcher Paper
+Many different colored papers to cut circles out of
+Glue stick
+Scissors to cut out shadow and circles
+Pencil to trace shadow

If you have limited time, you may want to have the dots cut out ahead of time. Sort them into containers and have kids use warm colors first, then blend into cool colors and end with cool colors.

Adult adaption for this style of task is to have a smaller shadow or just a piece of black construction paper. Have them cut and place dots from warm colors to cool colors.

You can provide strategies by having a color chart that they can compare their dot to in order for them to determine if it is a warm tone (yellow based colors) or a cool tone (blue based colors). Try moving from left to right or top to bottom of the paper for visual training and reading support.

I like to tell kids that dots must be completely on the shadow and no dot can touch another dot for additional skill building.

This can also be done at a standing table or place the shadow at the top of stairs and each time the client steps up to the top they an place a dot onto the shadow.

Visual Discrimination is definitely huge on this activity.
This is fun for everyone!

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