Blow Fish Painting

  • Glue splatter blow fish
  • Scissors, glitter, stringy ball, and paper
  • Finished blow fish paintings
  • Paper circles on glue splatters
  • Drawing mouth on blow fish
  • Finished blow fish painting

Don’t throw away those old sensory balls, use them to paint with. Here is a great example. This sensory activity is also wonderful for fine motor, grasp, following directions, circle awareness, and activity tolerance.
SUPPLIES: White Paint
Blue Paper
Pencil & Marker if you do not use the template
Paper or Paper plate to put paint on
Glue Stick to apply eyes and mouth
Zip Lock Bag to cut out side fins (1 sandwich bag
was used for 12 fins)
Water to wash hands

Sensory ball to dip into paint
TIPS: Put a small amount of paint to dip into and have client locate the center of the page and draw a pencil line around it if they cannot imagine a circle. This will help when applying paint. You can cut out your own mouth or if you need a template we have included one for you.
Download the PDF for Blow Fish Painting

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