Bean Bag Balancing

Fling them, flop them, step on them, balance them on your head or back of your hands and feet. Whatever you do, bean bags make you smile while you work on skills such as balancing, body awareness, strengthening, and ROM.
OPTIONS: A bean bag activity that is often forgotten is passing the bean bag slowly or quickly based on music that is heard, this way you are also incorporating auditory processing. Try calming down with someone slowly and methodically placing bean bags on top of you. If they are heavy enough they can do the job of calming. Sometimes the kids enjoy trying to pass bean bags using their elbows only to touch the bean bags.

ST: Try passing the bean bag and answering a question at the same time.
OT: Try having client balance it on top of their heads as they walk a balance beam.
PT: Try walking over or on top of bean bags placed on the floor or bend down to pick them up.

Share your bean bag therapy tricks with the team and get credit!

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