Balloon Activities

Balloons are easy to use for catching & throwing, Stepping over or around, balancing on your outstretched hand, dodge balloon the nurses as they walk down the hall, or dribbling in the air. They help clients of all ages to improve balance, ROM(range of motion), visual attention to tasks, visual tracking, communication, turn taking, mobility and so much more.
PT: Try having clients step over or around balloon clusters or bunny hop around them in a circle with legs straddling the balloon cluster.
OT: Try having clients lay on their back and dribble the balloon in the air. You can also paint with water balloons if you are working on grasp control.
ST: Try having clients toss the balloon to each other and call out a word that starts with a letter like “B”.
BTW Don’t forget to add balloon work to your clients’ homework list to support your therapy goals, and have fun!
Download the PDF for Balloon Activities

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