Ball Moves: Communication Board

  • therapist working with child on ball moves

Needing help getting a client to understand what to do with a ball? This picture board may help, especially for autistic kids or those with processing difficulties.
>>Download picture board
*Use a stuffed animal or squishy toy for throw & catch.
*Laminate and cut them out to use on a picture schedule.
*Cut cards out and place on table. Have kids turn them over, do the motion and write the corresponding word.
*Use a balloon instead of a ball. (This is my favorite in a SNF setting)

*Have wrist or ankle weights on when tossing or kicking a ball back and forth.
*Use them to drum on. Finding the rhythm and beating with drumsticks on a ball can be done sitting or standing and builds a multitude of skills. Brain body connections are always a good thing
*Ball pits can be used for ball extension even if they are large physioballs pushed into a child swimming pool (use caution with this particular set up). Safety should always be considered.
*Balls on parachutes are fabulous for teamwork and strengthening. If you do not have a parachute, you might be able to use a king size sheet.

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