Ball Bounce on Cardboard Squares

Balls can be used for so many different activities in therapy. Here is one that can be adapted many ways.

OPTIONS: You may use colored paper taped to the ground instead of cardboard.
ST: Have clients call out a word from a chosen topic each time the ball is bounced onto a cardboard square.
OT & PT: While you can do the activity shown, you can also place squares randomly on the floor and have the client bounce the ball in all of the squares while they are timed for speed. Make it more difficult by omitting a hand, blind folding them (you may remove shoes to increase sensory input), or have them stand on 1 leg when the ball hits the floor. To cross midline, just have client tap the ball at each toe while they are straddling each square.
Wheelchair Adaptions: Have client maneuver around cardboard squares. You can substitute squares for baskets and then clients can drop a ball into them.
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