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This is another favorite! The skill building with this is huge!
Some of the skills used; fine motor, left to right orientation, top to bottom orientation, margin awareness, writing, sensory modulation, and asymmetrical bilateral integration.
-5 or more colors of paper (scraps are great for this)
-2 pieces of writing paper
-glue stick
Directions: Have kids take colored paper squares and place them on to 1 writing paper. Ask them to keep colored squares off of the paper’s edge you may need to point and tell them where to start the first square (top left corner) and place them down from left to right using the glue stick to adhere them to the paper.
Next, ask them to draw a picture of their house and trees on the other plain white paper with a pencil. Have them draw a sun or clouds as well. Now have them cut around each part of their picture and glue it on to the paper square background.
PT: Use 8×11 papers as your squares and place them on a floor or wall as your background then have clients draw a large picture on butcher paper and cut it out and place it on top of the large square background. Increase sensory input with a carpet squares background. You can also give them movement pictures to place on the large squares background.
NOTE: This task is enhanced with appropriate therapeutic background music. You may have to adapt the project by drawing a border line (can be dotted) around where the colored paper squares should stop, or where to cut around their picture. You can also incorporate patterning with the squares if it needs to be worked on. ENJOY!

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