Animal Cracker Matching Folder

  • animalcrackermatchingfolder
  • animalcrackermatchingfolder
  • animalcrackermatchingfolder

This is a perfect example of using a copy machine to help with matching. Whether it is color copies or black and white you can take familiar objects and make them into an activity of matching. It this case we cut them out and laminated them into a folder that could be reused and we could make it a 3D experience by bringing real animal crackers in to place on top. Multi Sensory learning doesn’t get better.
No mess and high interest!

Remember that kids don’t see errors in written work if they do not see the details and identify what they see. (Visual Discrimination)

You can use foods that kids are wary of for the picky eaters. Yep, play with it before you taste it. Another formula for success in eating.

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