Activity Wall: ST & OT

This is so much fun, and it builds skills such as; sentence generation, speech, social, and cognition!
SUPPLIES: Tape or a Stapler, Print out letters (DESCRIBE IT), and pictures that help you work on specific skills.
– Have clients describe each picture that you posted up.
– Have clients say the first letter or each picture posted.
– Have clients say the last letter or each picture posted.
– Have clients act out each picture posted.
– Have clients say the opposite of each picture posted.
– Have clients point to something the color of each picture/color card posted.
– Have clients call out something that is similar to each picture posted (shares a property- metal, paper, etc.)
– Have client guess what each picture is (fold part of each picture out of view).
– Have client write the answer to each question posted.
– Have client write if the picture is something that is social appropriate or not.
– Have client give a thumb pointed up for each picture that is a favorite or something they like.
We could list so many more!
If you have come up with some good ones you want to share just do it! Go on to your BrilliantTherapy facebook page.

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