3 Hearts Stencil

SUPPLIES: White paper, pencil or markers, manilla folder and scissors.
Easy and quick to prepare this is a therapist favorite. Clients enjoy it and improve bilateral asymmetrical integration of upper extremities (UE), UE strength, writing, coordination, mood, and visual-motor skills.

OPTIONS: Instead of just coloring in the stencil, try using wavy lines, dots(even paint dots with a cotton swab), hash lines, letters written on top of each other, or glitter glue. You can also trace several hearts that are overlapping. For Halloween, use shapes such as bats, spiders, or pumpkins.

Try having clients make a book or all kinds of stencil shapes or a card/stationary for someone they love. You can vary the shapes for the occasion and personal interest.
Remember, that your best therapy happens when it is meaningful to your clients!
Download the PDF for 3 Heart Stencil

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